World Channels Day 2013

The World Channels Day 2013 on February 1st was a huge success. More than 8,85,000 young and old World Citizens channelled Light on this auspicious day which is Amara Maharshi's Birth Anniversary.

World Channels Day 2014

The World Channels Day on 31st January 2014, was a new milestone as more than 10,00,000 school students and teachers channelled Light. About 160 Light Channels Volunteers all over India, made this possible.

While the bulk of the one million who channelled Light were school students and teachers, many Meditators from across the globe confirmed participation; however the total number of adults who channelled cannot be determined.

World Channels Day 2015

The 5th World Channels Day was the most amazing experience for all of us. It was the most challenging but also most rewarding compared to all the previous years. There was Grace and Help from the unseen hand of Light, felt throughout the day. It was a memorable day of our life.

5th World Channels Day was a huge success by the grace of Masters. A strong disciplined team of 195 Volunteers achieved the impossible. More than 11 lakhs children of 2350 schools channelled Light on this Day.

World Channels Day 2016 (1st Feb 2016)

For every Light Channel Volunteer, 'World Channels Day' is always a memorable day. It is a day of joyous and priceless moments in their lives. Our Volunteers spent the entire month of January preparing for this grand celebration. Every Volunteer wanted to contribute in his own special way on this special day. Each one of them wanted to utilize this opportunity to the fullest.

It is the day of Love and sentiments towards our beloved master Maharshi Amara.

We always believed that "Oneness" in the team is key to the success of 'Light Channels World Movement'. If we have reached any milestone, it is because of Oneness in our team and the grace of Masters. Oneness removes fear and promotes courage. With courage and confidence, when the team decides to achieve, it can achieve the impossible.

Year 2015 was very tough as several of our Volunteers were undergoing health issues apart from personal and professional challenges. We could not do much work till November end. But just 21 days before the World Channels Day, when we met for our quarterly meeting, there was a sudden surge of energies. We felt that our Masters had shifted us to a higher level. All teams geared up and started preparing for the great day.

Every team worked day and night and prepared a meticulous plan. Several Volunteers sacrificed their personal time and helped their co-volunteers to accomplish the given task. Some Volunteers travelled hundreds of kilometres and covered distant schools and several others applied leave and took time off from their busy work schedule for this universal cause. Our Volunteers worked like leaders and completed their planning much before the stipulated time.

Our Area Co-ordinators are like Mentors. They crossed several hurdles and kept cool in difficult situations. They are the role models for Volunteers in their teams.

On the World Channels Day, our day started at 6 am by offering our respects to Maharshi Amara, followed by 7 minutes of channelling. Whole day was like a blessing. Everyone experienced special energies and grace throughout the day. Hundreds of schools joined us in channelling of Light voluntarily. Few residential groups also joined us by channelling Light. Day ended by thanking our Masters, followed by 7 minutes of channelling.

6th World Channels Day was a huge success. More than 1 million children from 2370 schools channelled Light. I have no words to thank school Authorities and children who joined this day whole heartedly.

We wish Light brought down on this day brings more Peace on our Earth and brings smiles on the faces of millions.

Light Channels Day 2013 & 14

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