World Channels Day (WCD) 2015

The 5th World Channels Day was the most amazing experience for all of us. It was the most challenging but also most rewarding compared to all the previous years. There was Grace and Help from the unseen hand of Light, felt throughout the day. It was a memorable day of our life.

Planning for the World Channels Day started almost two months before, in the Light Channel Volunteers meeting after praying to Guruji, Amaraji, Vishwamitra Maharshi and the Rishis. This meeting was followed by the Area Team meetings. More than 2000 schools had to be covered and we had limited Volunteers. All of a sudden, we realized that there was an increased sense of involvement shown by our Volunteers and several gave valuable suggestions. Many came forward and took extra responsibilities in spite of personal challenges and health issues. Our Area Coordinators are the perfect planners. They divided their territories into several sub areas and delegated responsibilities to respective teammates. The Volunteers gave feedback to their Area Coordinators on a daily basis. It helped the Area Coordinators prepare a very meticulous plan for the special day.

World Channels Day is dedicated to our beloved Master, Maharshi Amara. Every year, we humbly offer the Light channelled on that day to him as his birthday gift. Every Volunteer knows the importance of this day and they wanted to do their best. Several Volunteers took leave from work and sacrificed their personal time to accomplish the tasks delegated to them. There was overwhelming response from the School Authorities too. Hundreds of Schools came forward and promised to do Light Channelling on their own. Our Volunteers also took extra efforts to train Student Leaders to conduct Light Channelling on their own. Several Volunteers worked tirelessly from dawn to dusk.

5th World Channels Day was a huge success by the grace of Masters. The Day started as early as 6 AM after the practice of oneness technique and 7 minutes of channelling. At the end of the day at 6 PM, we thanked the Rishis after 7 minutes of channelling. There was perfect harmony and coordination seen in every team. A strong disciplined team of 195 Volunteers achieved the impossible. More than 11 lakhs children of 2350 schools channelled Light on this Day. Above all, I feel, working as One Team was the highest achievement. Everyone experienced Grace and presence of the Masters in the sessions.

Several Schools sent us emails, photographs and even called us to confirm their participation in the World Channels Day. We humbly thank School Authorities for their support, who gave us their precious time in spite of their busy schedules. They are an important and integral part of this Movement.

The purpose of the World Channels Day is to bring more Love and Peace on our Earth. Let more and more people join this movement with every passing day and realize this dream soon.


Seventh Day Adventist English High School K.G Halli            

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