World Channels Day 2017

Every World Channels Day is different and special. But this 7th World Channels Day was unique. It was unique because there was incredible participation and involvement of several young and enthusiastic volunteers who added fresh zeal into the Light Channels team.

World Channels Day is the day of sentiments and emotions. It is the day of spreading Love and Peace on earth. It is also a day of celebrating joy and happiness.

Our volunteers were very excited about this day. We could feel the waves of happiness and togetherness in every team. Our volunteers started visiting schools a month and a half before World Channels Day, to inform them about the special day. They trained several school leaders to conduct Light Channelling on their own. Hundreds of teachers were taught Light Channelling by our Area co-ordinators. They approached almost 2000 schools. The sincerity and selflessness of the volunteers touched the School Authorities, who readily agreed to conduct Light channelling on their own. Several schools invited us to conduct Light Channelling.

On World Channels Day, a few teams of Bangalore planned to do Light Channelling in places which were about 50 to 60 kilometers away from Bangalore. Several volunteers started very early in the morning to reach their destination. On that day, the first news about Light Channelling came to us from Delhi at around 8 AM, where children channelled Light in spite of extreme cold and fog. Slowly the wave of Light started spreading all over India and Light started pouring on our Mother earth. Apart from Bangalore, Light Channelling was done in Mysore, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Madurai, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Amravati, Sangli, Mohol and several other places in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Light Channelling was also done in several places in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

More than 190 volunteers put in their heart and soul for work on this day. Several volunteers applied leave and worked the entire day. Some volunteers, who could not afford a day off due to work pressure, volunteered to conduct early morning sessions of Light Channelling in schools and went back to work in the afternoon. Their motive was to bring down maximum Light. With the help of teachers, school authorities and student leaders, the Light Channelling team could involve more than 2400 schools and made more than one million children channel Light. The most satisfying news was that, after conducting Light Channelling, several schools confirmed their participation by sending e-mails, letters and photographs to us. Thousands of people who received our Light Channelling updates also participated in this event. A few groups in Bangalore, Rajasthan and Gujarat also participated by channelling Light for 7 minutes.

Let this channelling heal our mother earth, from wounds inflicted because of non-love and violence. May this channelling bring soothing effect to all souls who want to transcend from Dark Age to New age. Let Love and Peace prevail in the World once again.

We thank every individual who helped us to spread this Movement. On behalf of Manasa Foundation, we thank School Authorities, Teachers, Headmasters, Principals and Students for supporting our volunteers and this Movement.

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