A Report on World Channels Day 2019

By Manoj Kumar Chopra

World Channels Day is the day of spreading Love and Peace on Earth. It was Maharshi Amara’s dream to establish New Age on our earth. Every World Channels Day is a step forward. It is also a test for humanity to choose Light and manifest Love, which is the future of our Earth.

Like every year we started our day at 6 AM by offering our Love and energies to Maharshi Amara. There was profound stillness in the atmosphere. It appeared as if the trees, sky, birds, lakes, roads etc., were perfectly tuned for the day. I felt the Universe also joined hands to gift the great Maharshi Amara in a special way on his 100th Birth Anniversary. Around 7.15 AM the first channelling happened and the sessions continued till late evening. News of Light Channelling sessions started coming from Bangalore, Tumkur, Koujalagi, Madurai, Visakhapatnam, Nellore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Light Channelling also was conducted in western India - Mumbai, Pune, Sangli, Solapur, Amaravati and different parts of Maharashtra. Several sessions were also conducted by our Volunteers in North India - Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. More than one million children and adults channelled Light on that day. More than 2,400 schools participated in this great event. I feel it was the biggest gift to Maharshi Amara on his 100th Birth Anniversary. Joy and happiness was experienced all over.

There was great excitement and enthusiasm among the Volunteers for the 9th World Channels Day. They prepared well in advance for the day in a special way. Many teams chalked out their plans several months in advance. They worked very hard to execute their plan to perfection. They left no stone unturned. Their determination is higher than the mountains. Their will power and the Grace of the Rishis removed all the obstacles which came in their way. It is also the Love and bonding of our Volunteers as one team which made an impact to the work.

Our Volunteers visited more than a thousand schools personally and requested them to participateon World Channels Day. To our surprise, the schools also showed the same enthusiasm. They welcomed our Volunteers and promised that they would participate in channelling on their own. On World Channels Day several schools confirmed their participation by sending messages, photos and videos on Whatsapp. Several schools in Chennai joined Light Channelling in spite of the strike there. 198 schools,affiliated to a Mumbai based NGO, also participated on World Channels Day with the help of dedicated School Coordinators. We are grateful to the authorities of Schools and Institutes, and other Light Channels for their involvement and participation in our work. We are overwhelmed by their Love and support..

I always believe that it is not only the number of children, but also the intensity of channelling which impacts the world. Above all, the presence of our Astral Masters does everything. The World may look the same after the 9th World Channels Day, but I am sure that channelling at such large scale and the presence of great Masters would have wiped out tears and pain of several human beings. It would have silently eased out several complicated problems of the world.

Let us continue this beautiful work and fulfill the dream of our beloved Maharshi Amara.

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