Many events were expected to occur on 21.12.2012, both at the physical and subtler levels.

At the subtler level, a Shift in Consciousness has occurred on 21.12.2012. This Shift helps anyone grow spiritually easily and fast. Many have said that they are now able to enter into stillness more easily during Meditation, and they are experiencing deeper stillness. Those who are sensitive to subtle energies have experienced new energies flooding the earth.

The Shift in Consciousness helps people to transform easily, if they choose to do so. In the presence of the new energies, it is far easier to accept, surrender, forgive and let go of our old ways.

As scheduled, our solar system fully entered the Photon Belt on 21.12.2012. The pure and subtle energies of Photon Belt were expected to cause global upheavals. But the Light Masters prevented this by withholding these energies from reaching us, since our world is spiritually not ready yet to receive such Divine energies.

Though we are in the Photon Belt, it is as if the earth is covered in a shield that prevents these energies from reaching us because our world still has too much impurity.

The year 2012 was an year of opportunities; opportunities to choose Light. It has helped those who chose Light. The opportunities continue and we need not wait for an apocalypse to choose Light.

The changes at the physical level are occurring at different paces like the shifting of the magnetic and geographic poles, and increased solar activity. Extreme weather conditions all over the world are being reported in the mainstream media.


Each Shift in Consciousness takes us a step closer to the Light Age. As individuals, we must also align with each Shift by our Spiritual transformation.

Preparation at the Spiritual level begins with the removal of all negativities within and in the world.

We have to receive and hold the new energies that are being channelled to this earth.

We have to change from these gross bodies to Light bodies.

By transforming ourselves, we can create new destinies for this beautiful earth.

We are not alone in these very testing times. The Hierarchy and other Light Masters are working hard to help us transform.

We can easily enter into contact with the Light Masters. We can get guided by their human counterparts.

We can meditate and sharpen our Intuition for guidance and help.

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