Experiences of Light Channels, Volume 1

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Experiences of Light Channels, Volume 2

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Experiences shared by Light Channels

After regularly practicing LC now I am able to do SUMs and Problems in maths subject very quickly and easily. Started loving maths subject more now.
- Rijutha VI std, Student, Sri Sharada Vidya Mandira, Bengaluru
I am practising Light Channelling since 2015. Initially my parents were busy but they joined every eve at 7.p.m. v enjoy togetherness n even today its our duty. I have gained inner intelligence n active truly in my self studies of subjects everyday. Thanks to the world of Light Channels. It's my life.
- Raghava Reddy.A, Class X student, Lords School, Hulimavu, Bangalore South
श्रीमती बाला जी, हमारे संसथान में आए और आज एक अद्भुत शक्ति दे गए,इसका एहसास अद्भुत था,इससे मेरे जीवन में सुखद अनुभव भी हुए है में इस छेत्र में अपना योगदान देना चाहूँगा, धन्यवाद आपका !
- विकास कुमार कोगे , ग्राफ़िक आर्टिस्ट , PSSCIVE BHOPAL , भोपाल
Beyond words peace peace peace
- Kanchan, Social worker, PSSM, Raipur(C.G.)
Today 01/02/2016,Monday at 8.40 to 8.47 am all the members of our school.,Hm.,29 teachers and 800 students welcome thougtfully and blissfully the Light.,in the prayer itself and spread it to all the members of our locality.The Moment made every one of us feel happy and peaceful.,We also prayed for Good Results in 10th standard and well being of all in the world.,Thanks due to almighty and the organises of light channel. With humble regards U.Muniramaiah M.sc.,M.Ed.,M.A.,M.Phil.,M.B.A.,Headmaster.,chennai High school.MMDA.II.,chennai..106
- U.Muniramaiah, Headmaster, chennai High School..MMDA.II.,Chennai..106, chennai
Come what may, I channel Light everyday and it has changed everything for me. I have nothing to worry for. All is taken care of. Once a student got lost and his parents and we got very worried. I just channelled Light for a few minutes and we found him. Anything I want, Light gives.
- Veena Bhardwaj , Principal , Cantonment Board School, Sadar Bazaar
I used to be very depressed and always disturbed. I had a very negative feeling about myself and was sad all the time. I had no close friends to share it with. Nor was I happy to express my feelings to others. One day Ashwini Ma'am introduced Light Channelling to me. I have been practising this technique for the past two months. When I close my eyes I can really feel the Light entering my body. After those three minutes I feel very peaceful, stress-free, calm, cheerful and ready to face the day. I have been sharing my thoughts with Light and I feel my dreams are coming true. I feel Light has the power to make impossible things possible. It has brought a great change in me. I love myself more. There is a new hope in me each day. Now I am very happy and have a positive attitude. I smile everyday and have no worries. I feel so relaxed, fresh and energetic. It is a wonderful experience. I love to channel Light and can't miss it even for a single day.
- Farnaaz Banu, A Light Channel, ,
I could feel heavy energies between the eyes each time I conducted a Light Channelling session on World Channels Day. I saw yellow specks of Light in all the schools that I went for channelling sessions. On this day conducting the sessions had become automated and I felt as if Master V had taken over and he was the one who was conducting them. I was just a medium. As I look back, it is amazing to feel Light's help at every step.
- Jaspreet Kaur, Volunteer, ,
I conduct tuitions at home for students during my spare time. I wanted to initiate the students into Meditations so that they can benefit in their lives. During this quest, I came to know about Taponagara and Guruji. The book "Experiences of Light Channels", gave idea on how Light Channelling helped the school children to achieve success in studies. Inspired by that, last year around seven tuition children, my family and I sat for Light Channelling. Surprisingly, all the kids sat and did for seven minutes without any disturbance. During the session I saw Guruji in Light form coming out of the photo we had kept, to guide us through the session, walked around each kid and sat between them. I felt very happy, satisfied, blessed and fulfilled. As a result of channelling, all the seven children got good marks. They were more focussed and were able to finish the tasks within time. I saw a lot of improvement in their behaviour too. This year also I repeated the Light Channelling sessions for the old and new students in September 2014 before their exams. The results have come out well. This time also I felt that Guruji came and blessed us. I am happy that I am able to contribute to the Light Channelling Movement in a small way.
- Sangeetha Balaji, , A Light Channel,
I tried this technique and I could experience the Light. But now I want to experience It more intensely, become Light and experience God. During the Light Channelling session with the students I saw some students crying. I think the Light has touched them and hope it will help them and their families.

I had to address a big gathering of dignitaries where I had to deal with very important topics, and I was a bit tensed. But with the help of Light, words came fluently and I could deliver a very good speech.
- Sister Leonie, Principal, St. Rock's Girls High School, Bangalore
Light makes me calm and peaceful. It also helps me to realize that God supports me and also helps me in my Spiritual progress. When I channel Light, I can really feel the energies passing through my body.
- Shalini Mary , Std. X , Emmanuel Sugnana Jyothi High School, Bangalore
I am able to feel the Light entering and passing through my body and my limbs. This is a very different experience. I was a bit tensed today morning, but after channelling Light I became very calm and all the tension vanished. Sometimes I see some colours of Light with my closed eyes.
- Lalitha, Academic Coordinator, Sri Rama Vidyalaya , Jakkur, Bangalore
Today (7-11-2014), when we were going to conduct Light Channelling session at Excellent School, we found that the road was cut for repairs. I could not manoeuvre the car properly. The front left tyre got stuck in the trench, which was nearly 2 feet deep and I could not take the vehicle out. I remembered Guruji and the Light and requested for help. One scooterist who was following us stopped and started helping me. Suddenly 8 to10 people came out of nowhere, lifted the car from the front, asked me to reverse it and I was on the track. Before I could thank them for their help, they had left. We had channelling session at 2.30 PM. We reached the school in time and conducted the session!
- Ramesh V Bhosekar, Volunteer, , Bangalore
Manasa Foundation had visited our school and introduced Light Channelling to us. I felt a relief doing this. I started practising it every day and night for 7 minutes...feels good. I have been addicted to this!!
- Sanah, Student, Sri Chaitanya, Bangalore