Light Age

We live in Space and Time.

The Time runs in cycles. Each cycle has four parts:

The Light Age or the Golden Age or Satya Yuga (20,304 years), the Silver Age or Treta Yuga (15,228 years), the Copper Age or Dwapara Yuga (10,152 years) and the Iron Age or Kali Yuga or the Dark Age (5,076 years).

On 14th March 1974,the Kali Yuga ended. We are now in the period of transition into the next Light Age or the Satya Yuga.

The Light Age is an age of Love, Peace, Harmony, Purity and Perfection. To live in this age all of us have to be pure and perfect. We have to throw away the ways of the Dark Age. We have to give up non-Love, Violence, un-Truth and all the negativities that have corrupted our Life, to live in the Light Age.

That is why Transformation is of paramount importance.

Not many are aware of this and not many care about this now. This is sad. But changes cannot be stalled. They occur.

The earth is now passing through a Shift in Consciousness. The Light Masters (Rishis) are bringing down new energies that help us transform.

Changes are already occurring at the subtler level. People are turning inwards. There is a new awareness; an awakening of consciousness.


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