Light Channelling in Schools

In our efforts to spread the Light Channels World Movement, Light Channelling is being taught to school children. This is a non-commercial voluntary service. The practice of Light Channelling is helping the children improve their memory and concentration. It is helping them immensely in their studies. Students are making use of this practice to improve their performance in the exams. Many school authorities and the children themselves have given us the feedback that it is helping the children improve their self confidence, refine their behaviour and in becoming more positive.

More than 2.5 million children in more than 4500 schools across India, have been taught the practice of Light Channelling and more than half a million children in more than a thousand schools now channel Light daily.

The Light absorbed by the children is helping them positiviseand the Light spread by them spreads the vibrations of Peace and Love in the society and the world.

Schools interested in introducing Light Channelling to their students may write to us, email us or contact us over phone.

Channel Light everyday for 7 minutes in the morning and in the night.

Channel Light & Heal the World.