The 13th World Channels Day is on 1st February 2023. Throughout the year, for the past ten years, every day many channel Light on their own. On this day we spread Light to the whole World in a focussed and intense way.

It is no breaking news to say that our World needs peace. Any human issue, whether it is global warming, social and political unrest, financial imbalance, etc., can be addressed with positivity. Each one of the 7 billion us, are rightful stakeholders in World Peace. Hence each one of us also has a duty towards contributing to Peace by diffusing tension. We need not be in a position of power to affect positive change.

Light Channelling is a simple, non-religious and effective action towards building a better tomorrow. Evidence can be found in the thousands of testimonials received from those who have consistently channelled Light (Please visit & for details).

Anyone from any age, religion, region, race and gender can channel Light. NO sermons, NO do's and don'ts, NO commerce...........just a pure intention for World Peace is required.

So join more than a MILLION on 1st February 2023 and channel Light on this special day. You may channel Light at any time, from any place, for at least 7 minutes or as long as you can. When many channel Light the effect is more pronounced.

HEAL YOURSELF. HEAL THE WORLD. Channel Light daily for at least 7 minutes.

Please report your participation by sending a mail to